Launch Terminal From Xcode

December 20, 2018 | 0 Minute Read

Add New Behavior
  1. Launch Xcode > Preferences > Behaviors
  2. + to add
  3. Rename “New Behavior” to something more meaningful “Launch Terminal”
Key Binding
  1. Tap on ⌘ opposite to Behavior name
  2. Choose a handy (non-conflicting) key binding. I use Control + Command + t (⌃⌘T)
Configure the run action
  1. Save the LaunchProjectInTerminal.sh so somewhere safe and accessible.
  2. In the details panel of the new behavior, look for the checkmark Run and check it.
  3. Select “Choose Script” and provide the path to the LaunchProjectInTerminal.sh file

What this script does.

  1. Takes the current project path.
  2. Launches Terminal.
  3. cd to current project path.

set -e

if [ -n "$XcodeProjectPath" ]; then
  open -a Terminal "$XcodeProjectPath"/..
  open -a Terminal "$XcodeWorkspacePath"/..